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Largo is the Coffee Key

We were updating some of the product information in our online shop this week and realised that, despite showcasing our range of ten coffees, there is still one blend we haven’t highlighted.

Funnily enough, it’s also one of the very first coffees we created (after much trial and error!)

Largo is a senior member of our Aria family and is designed specifically for use in coffee machines by cafes, restaurants and hotels. It comes in big 1kg bags of whole beans and it’s a blend we’re really proud of.

In fact, traditional espresso coffees were always blended so they could hit the desired levels of complexity and flavour. We always had this in our minds when we were developing Largo, using a base of Arabica coffees combined with a little (less than 15%) Robusta. The end product is our tribute to a northern Italian espresso.

It produces an excellent crema if you’re using an espresso machine – the layer of tiny, smooth bubbles traps the aromatic compounds of the coffee and coats the tongue of the drinker – with a bold and rounded body and heart beneath…and if that description doesn’t make you want to head to the kitchen for a freshly roasted coffee then nothing will!

Aria largo

The best thing about Largo is that it will be enjoyed long after it has been consumed – the crema building the perfect foundation on the palate for a lasting flavour whether you drink it as an espresso or with milk in a latte or cappuccino.

Here’s the official bit: Aria Largo is a modern, medium-dark roasted espresso with a lovely rounded caramel sweetness, set off by a bright acidity.

So, where can you get your hands on a cup? Our fantastic Largo stockists include The Picky Cafe in the Pickaquoy Centre, Judith Glue’s Real Food Café, the Orkney Hotel, the Albert Hotel, the Lynnfield Hotel, the Bayleaf Delicatessen, Deb’s Café at Kirkwall Airport, W I Rendalls, Leighs in Finstown, Skaill House, Thomas Sinclair and the Orkney Fossil and Heritage Centre in Burray.

So, even though Largo isn’t on our traditional retail list, you can still get the chance to sample this delicious coffee, café style!

Aria Largo