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Aria Christmas Coffee Guide

It’s the night before Christmas….. and I need a coffee!What a wonderful sense of anticipation and finishing up the loose ends before the big day.

So, if you fancy a cuppa over the festive period, here’s the Orkney Roastery guide to a very Coffee Christmas!

We’ll be brewing up something bright and lively in the mornings – a lazy breakfast with a pot of Brio to kick start the day – refreshing, bright with a touch of sweetness, it goes perfectly with your cornflakes.

A last minute trip to the shops for the forgotten turkey trimmings or the sellotape (other tapes are available) that’s never there when you need it and – relax – with a shot of something a bit more robust.Time to get the moka pot or espresso machine fired up with Overture, Aria’s traditional espresso blend with a modern twist, just perfect to get the energy levels back up for the festivities.

After dinner it’s time for a ‘special’ coffee – a pot of delicious, rare Skybury with its warm chocolate and sweet caramel tones is the perfect luxuriant base for a shot of malt whisky.A relaxing end to a busy day.

Aria Christmas Carol

What about the big day itself? On Christmas morning it’s a nice mug of Sasando to round off the smoked salmon and Champagne breakfast before heading off to the Ba’ with a thermos of Diva to keep out the cold.

And after dinner?We’ll be enjoying a big brew of Aria Christmas Carol or Shearer’s Winter Wonderland, each roasted to its own profile but both with the dark chocolate, caramel and citrus hints that will work perfectly with your favourite liqueur.

Of course you can choose any Aria coffee for any time of any day but we hope you’ll make our lovingly crafted coffees part of your Christmas tradition If you want to stock up, visit any of our stockists or order online – and whatever you’re doing have a very Merry Christmas and an Aria New Year!

Sara and Euan

Aria latte