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Coffee With The Neighbours

We’ve always said that coffee is a social thing.

Here at the Roastery, we create our coffees together. We also involve family and friends in the tasting process, just to make sure everything is perfect. We also want people to discuss their favourite beans and blends, and to spread the word about high quality, hand-roasted, fresh coffee.

We decided that there was no place like home to get the ball rolling. Next door to the Orkney Roastery there are two busy garages. We see the mechanics on a daily basis and always get a friendly wave. They work hard, and they don’t seem to stop for much of a break during the day.

When we’re roasting our coffees there’s always a delicious aroma in the area, which can only tickle the taste buds of the guys at the garages, so we thought we’d invite them all in for a real coffee break.

We even splashed out and made some bacon rolls for the boys, before welcoming them into our cupping room!

Once they were sitting down, we started taking orders. Some of them knew what they wanted, with mochas and lattes on the list. We quickly opened freshly roasted bags of Overture from our Aria range. Some of the others were unsure – ‘normal coffee’ was asked for…so was (whisper it) ‘tea’…!

Once the machine was fired up and the hot cups of Aria coffee were handed over – and the bacon was polished off – we watched closely. Those who had tried hand-roasted coffee in the past quickly emptied their cups. The others, who were yet to experience the taste and flavour of a fresh batch, watched on with interest.

They are the very people we’re trying to reach with our Orkney Roastery coffees. We want people to experience coffee as it should be, in the same way people want the best steak, artisan cheese, hand-crafted gin or craft beer. A coffee break is the heart of the day for many people – why shouldn’t you make it something special?

Sure enough, the instant coffee crew soon took the plunge. We handed over some deliciously foamy lattes and the response was immediate – ‘it’s so much better than the coffee I normally drink!’.

Music to our ears!

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Aria latte