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The Process - Roasting Your Coffee

All coffee lovers look forward to opening a freshly roasted batch of beans. Just thinking of that delicious smell when the bag is opened makes us a crave a cup of coffee.

Before we got into the roasting business, we knew about the work required on creating the perfect roast and certainly now know a lot more about it than when we started!

So, our latest process feature takes a look at our hard-working roaster, Mystaria, and how we use our skill and senses to make sure you get the perfect cuppa.

Here’s the technical bit: Mystaria is a 10kg capacity Toper THM roaster, and she came to us all the way from Turkey. Delivery day was a big moment for us; as soon as she arrived in the building we couldn't wait to get roasting!

We chose a 10kg roaster as it matched our capacity needs but we also knew it would be small enough so we could be ‘hands-on’ with the process from start to finish. That process is incredibly complex, at a simpler level; it’s basically a bit like a tumble dryer!

The roaster uses a gas burner to heat the roasting drum with air flowing through it. We then feed the fresh green beans, sourced from around the world, into the top of the roaster and into the drum itself. Then comes the skilled bit.

Aria Roaster

We monitor a whole range of parameters to make sure the roasting profile is perfect. At the exact point that the coffee is ready, usually at a temperature of 200 degrees C, we release the beans into the cooling tray to bring them back to room temperature. And that’s it – the route to perfectly roasted coffee!

Well, not quite. We spend the entire roasting process watching, listening and adjusting the air and gas flow. All our senses including smell are vital here as we try and get things as perfect as possible. Every batch, bean and blend roasts differently and we have a library of temperature profiles that give us a guide for every roast we do.

Getting the best out of every bean, however, is a real art and comes down to the roasters;’ senses and experience, The difference between getting it right and having an unusable batch can be just a few degrees or a matter of seconds. The last minutes of a roast are vital – concentration and precision are key!

We’ll be the first to admit we were maybe a bit too excited when Mystaria first arrived…we immediately started experimenting and our very first roast was, well, interesting! But we quickly began to understand her and her character – now we have a very harmonious relationship, and only the very occasional mishap!

The next step takes us to our cupping and tasting room – our favourite! Check back soon for more about this part of the process.

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