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The Process - Selecting The Right Coffee

Creating a great coffee is half art and half science and selecting the right green coffees is the perfect example of using our heads and our hearts to build the right foundations for a perfect roast and a delicious cup of coffee. It’s probably the most scary and exciting part of the coffee creation process!

As a micro roastery we work closely with national coffee suppliers allowing us to buy a range of green coffees that we simply couldn’t practically source ourselves directly.All our suppliers support global sustainability initiatives including Fair Trade, Rain Forrest Alliance, Organic production, and often their own welfare, equality and development projects.Each of our suppliers issue regular updates on the coffees that are available and also news about how different crops are performing and how weather is impacting each harvest.The roasters' art is to use all this information to choose the right green coffees that will allow us to create exactly what we want either in a single variety roast or a blend.

Aria Christmas Carol

The delivery of a new coffee is greatly anticipated and always exciting! Firing up the roaster for the new arrival is the first thing we do before we ‘cup’ the sample roast ……..but more about that next month!

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