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Celebrating the health benefits of coffee!

We both love roasting coffee and, of course, we love to drink it too!

As you’d expect, the news this week that those who drink three or four cups of coffee a day are more likely to see health benefits than problems was gladly received at Orkney Roastery HQ!

A study in the British Medical Journal suggested that people (but not pregnant women) who drink coffee daily have lower risks of an early death and heart disease than those who don’t.

The research by the Universities of Southampton and Edinburgh found that three or four cups every day was the optimum number, but those who drank seven still appeared to benefit!


Backed by the new study, we’ve come to the conclusion that enjoying a cup of our new Skybury Symphony on a regular basis is good for body AND soul.

The much-sought after, super-rare and extra fancy Australian Skybury coffee, grown on the Skybury estate in northern Queensland, is an Arabica coffee, roasted to medium-dark with enhanced chocolate tones, and a hint of fruit and almond. As Joe Mangel would say, ‘it’s a little ripper’!

We have developed a unique roasting profile increasing the time spent in the Maillard Phase to enhance the complexity of this amazing coffee. We had the opportunity to sample roast the 2016 crop last year and were really impressed. We think that this year's beans are even better and are thrilled to have secured a few bags to add to our coffee collection.

We prefer ours brewed in the Chemex but this coffee is so interesting that it can be explored using any brewing method.

Skybury Symphony is one of life’s affordable little luxuries. A 250g bag contains around 35 cups or 16 large mugs of coffee which equates to just 37p per cup or 80p per mug. What’s not to like?

Aria Skybury