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Orkney Roastery Stockist Focus- The Brig Larder

We’re very fortunate to have fantastic support from an excellent selection of stockists here in Orkney, helping bring our freshly roasted coffee to customers across the islands.

Every now and again, we like to take a closer look at some of the shops and cafes that sell our Aria range, and this time the focus is on Kirkwall’s The Brig Larder.

Do you remember those shops when you were young, the ones that seemed to stock everything, from cheese and bread to wines, spirits and everything in-between? Most of them are gone now, but The Brig Larder is a warm and welcome reminder of the past.

Found on the corner of Bridge Street and Albert Street in the historic heart of Kirkwall, the shop has everything you need.

It’s actually a combination of three businesses – Craigies Butcher, Jollys of Orkney and John Scott & Miller. For the customer that means there is a butchery counter, with some of the finest Orkney beef and lamb you can find, fresh fish and shellfish from local waters, and a huge range of wines, spirits and beers – including Orcadian whiskies, gins, rums, wines and craft beers.

There’s so much more too, including our Aria range. You’ll find our stand just as you walk in the door. The Brig, as it’s known locally, stocks almost our entire range, from Allegro to Sasando. You can pick up packs of our loose-leaf tea, too.

The Brig Larder is definitely a reminder of how a shopping experience in a small town used to be. You’re guaranteed friendly faces, excellent customer service and some of the best local produce you can get anywhere.

And a delicious cup of coffee or tea too, of course.

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