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Time for something new

We’re always thinking of new blends and styles of coffee to add to our Aria range here at the Orkney Roastery. It’s a fun part of the process and we can really let our creativity take over.

Over the last few months we’ve introduced four new coffees, all with their own characteristics. Let us introduce you to them…


This coffee comes from Dulce beans, grown and dry processed on the Fazenda Estate at high altitudes in Brazil. Like a lot of coffees from the country, it has a heavier mouth feel and lower acidity. The flavour features intense, exotic profiles. If you like Sasando then Choro is definitely worth a try.


Solo is our first decaffeinated coffee and comes all the way from Colombia. As you’d expect it’s a great all-rounder, perfect to enjoy at any time of the day and with any brewing method. Solo has a real fruity flavour combined with richer tones and sweetness – and the aroma has to be experienced to be believed!


We’ve had such positive feedback since we launched the Orkney Roastery earlier this year, our very first coffee was an espresso blend – Overture. Since our launch we have been developing new espresso blends and have come up with another two which we are very proud of! Allegro is a medium-dark roasted espresso that we’ve put together with a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. We aimed for a southern Italian style so there are dark chocolate overtones, balanced out by fruit notes. We think it has a certain rustic charm! Allegro is also Fairtrade certified.


This is a real gem, even if we do say so ourselves! We really went for it with Presto. It’s bold, it’s full bodied and it has so much character. We blended it with 100% Arabica beans and it’s our tribute to a traditional Italian espresso. It’s a medium-dark roast and the beans come from Rainforest Alliance certified farms too.

All of our Aria range of coffees come in 250g packs and are available as whole bean or in cafetiѐre, filter and espresso grinds. Explore the full range in our shop.

Time for something new