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Time for tea at the Orkney Roastery

We’re coffee lovers here at the Orkney Roastery. That’s probably fairly obvious by now!

But (whisper it) we do like a good cup of tea too. Often, it’s coffee in the mornings, then tea throughout the rest of the day.

It was during one of our tea-breaks that we started discussing the idea of creating our own tea blends. Before we knew it, we had a selection of different samples sent up to Orkney to play around with and our tea-tasting journey was underway.

Time for tea at the Orkney Roastery

We quickly realised that we couldn’t go back to tea bags once we had sampled tea from the finest leaves. Fresh is best is our coffee mantra and, as we discovered, exactly the same goes for tea, too.

Following a few taste-tests we’ve made three perfect blends to cover all the bases:

  • Afternoon Blend is our lightest, most refreshing tea and can be enjoyed without milk.
  • Breakfast Blend is our take on the traditional breakfast tea, which is becoming increasingly popular. It’s just the perfect start to your day.
  • All Day Brew is for those of you who like a good, strong cup of tea. You can let this one sit and stew for as long as you dare!

Our supplier sources the best teas from plantations in Africa, China, India and Sri Lanka. You can immediately tell the difference between these teas and ones you can buy in the supermarket, or in tea bags from the big brands. Our leaves are thicker and heavier, which means as they absorb the hot water, more and more flavour is released. And you can use your tea leaves twice, so you can double up on your brew!

All day blend tea from the Orkney Roastery

All you need is a tea pot with a mesh basket, or simply a tea strainer, and you can enjoy a fresh cuppa. We know you’re so used to dunking your tea bag and dropping it in the bin, but we really think once you give our teas a go, you’ll never go back.

Most major brands of tea bags contain plastic too, so this is the perfect chance to help cut down on the plastic pollution affecting environments around the world. Orkney is no different and plastic particles are impacting our coastline and nature and wildlife.

So, remember - replacing your tea bags with tea leaves can make a difference, not just to your taste buds.

You can buy Orkney Tea from the Orkney Roastery at the Bayleaf Delicatessen in Stromness, and at the Brig Larder, Kirkness & Gorie and William Shearer in Kirkwall.

Chilled out afternoon tea from the Orkney Roastery