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The sound, smell and taste of great coffee

This is the official home of Aria Coffee on the internet. Explore our pages to find out all about the Orkney Roastery and our hand-roasted coffee range.

You can even stock up on your collection in our online shop. All five of our unique coffees, Bolero, Choro, Diva, Overture and Sasando, are available to order in a variety of grinds, from whole bean to espresso.

Come and discover where your favourite coffee comes from and how to make the perfect cup. You can also find out about each member of the range to identify the perfect blend for your taste-buds.

We’ll be keeping you updated during our journey with Aria, so remember to come back as we continue to explore different beans, blends and flavours from around the world. You can also follow us on Facebook for regular updates from the Roastery.

Euan and Sara.

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