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Aria Skybury 250g


Our limited edition Australian ‘Skybury Symphony’ is an Arabica coffee, roasted to medium-dark with enhanced chocolate tones, and a hint of fruit and almond. As Joe Mangel would say, ‘it’s a little ripper’!

We are delighted to offer this super-rare much sought after extra fancy Australian Skybury coffee, grown on the Skybury estate in northern Queensland. The Skybury Estate is the oldest coffee plantation in Australia and is the country's biggest coffee exporter. The Skybury harvest runs through June and July and we have just received two bags of the 2017 crop. In fact, we’re now the proud owners of 0.1% of the total world supply of the beans!

We have developed a unique roasting profile increasing the time spent in the Maillard Phase to enhance the complexity of this amazing coffee. We had the opportunity to sample roast the 2016 crop last year and were really impressed. We think that this year's beans are even better and are thrilled to have secured a few bags to add to our coffee collection.

We prefer ours brewed in the Chemex but this coffee is so interesting that it can be explored using any brewing method. Warm dark chocolate with sweet caramel, definite tones of whole almond and a hint of fruit.