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Festoso 250g


Festoso is a hand-crafted, rare speciality Costa Rican Arabica SHB honey processed coffee from the Palmichal micro-mill.

We are delighted to offer this rare speciality coffee (with a SCA score of 84) from Costa Rica. Festoso is a Don Chico honey processed arabica from the Palmichal micro-mill. The beans are strictly hard bean (SHB) meaning that they are grown at an altitude of 1400-1600m. The mill has state-of-the-art patios for sun-drying and elevated beds for more rigorous drying. For inclement weather it boasts a green house and specially designed drum driers. Throughout the whole process they are able to separate every lot of coffee in order to assure full traceability and a stable cup quality.

Honey processing is somewhere in the middle of the washed process and the natural process. The cherry peel is removed but some of the fleshy mucilage remains around the beans while they are dried.

Mucilage is extremely sweet and sticky, like honey and although the name has nothing to do with the taste, these coffees are known for their sweet flavours.

We tried a few roast styles when this coffee arrived and it soon became clear that we needed to be super-careful when roasting to get the perfect balance of flavours. We are watching, listening to and timing this particular coffee as it roasts so that it delivers its dark chocolate and caramel qualities with a fresh clementine fruit finish. The perfect coffee to enjoy at anytime of the day and suitable for your brewing method of choice.