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Aria Overture - Italian Coffee

Aria Overture 250g


In order to achieve the desired level of complexity and flavour, traditional espresso coffees were always blends. Using only Arabica coffees Overture is our tribute to a northern Italian espresso.

This coffee produces a good crema when prepared using an espresso machine. The crema is a layer of tiny, smooth bubbles that trap the aromatic compounds in the coffee and coat the tongue of the drinker. These small bubbles break over time allowing the espresso to be enjoyed long after it has been consumed.

Aria Overture is a modern medium-dark roasted espresso blend of 100% Arabica beans based on that traditional Italian style. It has a lovely rounded caramel sweetness set off by a bright acidity.

This coffee is perfect for Espresso machines and Moka pots but can also be enjoyed using your preferred brewing method.