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The sound, smell and taste of great coffee

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Have you ever wondered who invented coffee?

Allegedly it was goats in Ethiopia or the Yemen eating berries making them frisky and nervous that lead to an unknown genius drying, crushing and straining water through the berries to make coffee. Since these humble beginnings a thousand years or so ago, coffee has been loved and worshipped the world over like no other beverage.

Aria - music to your taste buds.

Costa Rica

Aria logo Aria Christmas Carol 250g


Aria Christmas Carol is a hand-crafted, rare speciality Costa Rican Arabica SHB honey processed coffee from the Palmichal micro-mill. It's a perfect addition to your Christmas fare.



Aria logo Aria Overture 250g


Aria Overture is a modern medium-dark roasted espresso blend of 100% Arabica beans based on that traditional Italian style. It has a lovely rounded caramel sweetness set off by a bright acidity.



Aria logo Aria Sasando 250g


Aria Sasando is a single estate coffee grown on the BayuKidul Estate in the heart of East Java at an altitude of 900 – 1200 metres. This medium dark roast coffee is Euan’s go to favourite for his morning brew.


Ethiopia and Sumatra

Aria logo Aria Diva 250g


Bringing together coffees from Ethiopia and Sumatra this carefully crafted blend packs a punch.


The Orkney Roastery. At your service.

At the Orkney Roastery our aim is to undertake a continuous quest to release the natural excellence of flavour in every coffee bean we roast. Join us in Aria’s journey all around the globe to explore and source the highest quality beans.

Sara and Euan from the Orkney Roastery